Uta Priss

ZeLL, Ostfalia University
Wolfenbüttel, Germany
(close to Braunschweig)


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  • ketlab.org.uk

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    Hobby: Braunschweig mandolin orchestra.

  • Research:

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    Research Links:

  • Formal Concept Analysis
  • Relation Algebra
  • Roget's Thesaurus and Roget's and WordNet neighbourhoods

    Software Projects:

  • FcaStone - Software for converting FCA file formats (open source project)
  • ProFormA - XML exchange format for programming exercises and Javascript editor (open source project)
  • Concept Neighbourhoods in Roget's Thesaurus - On-line demo
  • Virtual Whiteboard - Javascript HTML5 Canvas Demo

    Current Activities in Educational Development:

    Software for automated assessment of programming exercises and using engagement/inquiry-based educational methods. More details: here.

    Former Teaching Activities:

    (at Ostfalia, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland and Indiana University, USA)

  • Mathematics: Diskrete Strukturen, Mathematics for Software Engineering
  • Web: Web Programming, Advanced Web Technologies
  • Database Systems
  • On-line tutorials: PHP, Perl, PerlCourse, Python Course, LaTeX
  • Other past courses and student projects


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