SET09103 Advanced Web Technologies

Official Frontpage of this assessment

If you have any questions about this resit coursework, please, contact the module leader. During the summer period, it may be difficult to reach the module leader. Therefore you should at least read through this document as early as possibly and ask questions well before the deadline.

You should expect to spend at least two weeks working on the coursework. Therefore you should start well in advance of the deadline.

For the resit coursework you are asked to write a report about the application described in the original coursework. In contrast to the original coursework, you will not be demonstrating your application. Your report should contain 3-5 pages for the documentation according to the original coursework PLUS approximately 5 pages on the following topics:

Avoiding plagiarism

Failing to include all your sources could lead to plagiarism. Other causes of plagiarism occur if you share your work with other students. It is your responsibility to ensure that your files are read-protected from others. You should not leave any printouts of your report on Campus, not even in the rubbish bins. You should make regular backup copies of your work, for example, by storing the files on a floppy via your I-drive.


During trimester I and II, the deadline is 11:00 am on Friday in week 13. In some cases, you may have received a letter from the University informing you about a deadline for resit coursework. In that case, you can also submit your resit coursework at that deadline.

Document to be handed in

Your report should be printed and stapled in the upper left corner. Please, do NOT use plastic folders. To avoid wasting large amounts of paper, please print on both sides of the paper, single-spaced and choose a 12pt font, Any source code examples in the appendix can be printed using a tiny font (as long as it is legible).

Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of the original coursework will be applied, but all parts will now be marked based on the report. There won't be points for Design and Usability, but instead 5 additional points for the report.