School of Computing, Napier University

Assessment Brief Pro Forma

1. Module number SET09103
2. Module title Advanced Web Technologies
3. Module leader Uta Priss
4. Tutor with responsibility for this assessment
Uta Priss
5. Assessment Writing a report
6. Weighting 50%
7. Size and time limits for assessment 5-8 pages in 12pt font on A4 paper
8. Deadline of submission
(Your attention is drawn to the penalties for late submission.)
See attached coursework description.
9. Arrangements for submission To be submitted to the School Office and also via Turnitin.
Your work must be submitted with the appropriate cover sheet which must confirm that the assignment is your own and has not been submitted for another assessment.
10. Assessment regulations This assessment is subject to the University Regulations.
11. The requirements for the assessment See attached coursework description.
12. Special instructions See attached coursework description.
13. Return of work Feedback will be emailed within 3 weeks after the deadline.
14. Assessment criteria See attached coursework description.