3.1 Another example: Patient Database

Identify any repeating groups and functional dependences in the PATIENT relation. Show all the intermediate steps to derive the third normal form for PATIENT.
patnopatnamegpnogpnameappdate consultantconaddrsample
01027Grist919 Robinson3/9/2004FarnesAcadia Rd blood
20/12/2004FarnesAcadia Rdnone
10/10/2004EdwardsBeech Aveurine
08023Daniels818 Seymour3/9/2004FarnesAcadia Rd none
3/9/2004RussFir Stsputum
191146Falken717Ibbotson4/10/2004 RussFir Stblood
001239Burgess818Seymour5/6/2004 RussFir Stsputum
007249Lynch717Ibbotson9/11/2004 EdwardsBeach Avenone

For this exercise, please, write down all steps in a text editor. Once you have the First Normal Form, click "next" to compare your results to the model answer.