I200 Team Project

  • The goal is to create an information system for the topics covered in this class.
  • The topics are "data, information, knowledge, information access, information science, classification, categorization, ..." (Compare the Class Schedule)
  • The readings should be included in the system as well. They should be represented according to their content. For example, readings about AI should be represented with the topic "AI". It is not necessary to type in (or copy and paste) the full bibliographic information. It would be sufficient to represent each reading by author and year. (Alternatively, the readings could be numbered sequentially and only the numbers be included in the system.)
  • The system can be web-based or use a more traditional paper-based format. The choice of format will not have impact on the grade.
  • The system must contain three different means of information representation or access, such as classification system, graphical representation, database, metadata, ontology or others, as discussed in this class. Examples: a Yahoo!-type classification scheme, an entity-relationship diagram + tables, a CYC-like representation, a two-dimensional graphical representation that groups topics according to similarity.
  • The information system must be well documented and will be handed in during the last class meeting. Each team will present their system during the last class meeting.

    Criteria for grading

  • Completeness: are all relevant topics of the Class Schedule covered?
  • Representation: is each of the three representations meaningful? That means can users actually find the information using the representation?
  • Complexity and effort: how complex is the system? How much effort was put into the creation of the system? How well thought through is the organization of the information?
    (Note: this refers to the conceptual complexity of the system not to its graphical features. For example, it does not matter whether the system is paper-based or computer-based, whether complicated database software was used or not, whether the representation is colorful or black and white.)