I200 Midterm - Spring 2001

The exam is due: February 27th, 2:30 pm


  • The exam must be word processed/typed. It must be spell-checked and grammar-checked.
  • Write your name on every page and staple the pages in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Plagiarism: Teamwork is not allowed. The exam must represent your own work. If you use other people's ideas or information from printed materials or webpages, you must include full citations. (Plagiarism, even if only in parts of the exam, results in a grade of "F" and can have additional consequences as described in the Code of Student Ethics.)

    Question 1

    Imagine you are designing a website related to a certain topic (you can choose any topic you are interested in). Write a short essay on the following questions:

  • Concerning classification/categorization: what classes or categories should the website be listed under in a Yahoo-type web directory and why should it be under these classes/categories?
  • Concerning scripts and schemas: how can the knowledge of scripts and schemas that users have about the topic help in the design of the website?
  • Which facets (user groups, content of the website, etc) should you keep in mind while designing the website?
  • What spatial or temporal information might be related to the topic of the site and how can it be represented?
  • Can you think of any further examples of how techniques of information representation (anything we discussed in class so far) might improve the accessibility, content representation or market value of your website?

    Question 2

    Write a short essay on how information is retrieved on the WWW.
  • What are the main two types of search tools?
  • Name several reasons for each of the two types of search tools why it may be difficult for users to find what they are looking for.
  • How could a search tool use facets to improve search results?
  • How could a search tool use spatial or temporal information to improve search results?