The main routine should give some indication of the general structure of the project.

Usually main routines contain:

  • the "use CGI" statement
  • the param() function calls that store the parameters from the form in variables
  • the basic HTML code for a reply that will be sent to the user (This can also be done in a subroutine which should be included in this assignment. The content of the reply that is sent to the user does not have to be complete but a template should be provided.)
  • some subroutines that, for example, deal with user input or searching. These subroutines are not expected to be complete for this assignment but they should be included without code, such as

    sub search {


    so that the script does not produce syntax errors.

    Further Criteria for grading:

  • the script must be executable without syntax errors
  • the general outline of the project must be indicated by the names of the subroutines
  • all variables in subroutines must be declared with "my".