Coursework Question Details

CO32034 Server Admin Coursework Instructions

The coursework is a practical exercise consisting of four questions using the Linuxzoo website which you will conduct during the practicals in week 8.

More precise instructions of the coursework exercise will be posted on 11.4.05, but the website for submitting the coursework will only be available on 13.4.05. The Linuxzoo website will have a submit button for each question of the exercise, but there will not be as much feedback provided during the exercise as you get with the normal tutorials. The feedback will contain a percentage score for each part of each question. You need an average score of 40% for each question to pass the coursework. For each question which you have failed, you will then have another 8 days (until 22.4.05) to write a written report explaining how the question could be solved and what might have been wrong with your attempts. The report must contain the commands which should be used and an explanation of how the commands would solve that question. This report must be submitted to the School Office by 16:00 on 22.4.05. Please, note that the marks from the written report can only be used to raise a mark for a failed question to 40% for that question.

Summary of the deadlines:

11.4.05morningmore details about coursework exercise will be posted here
13.4.05tutorialLinuxzoo tutorial
22.4.0516:00submit written report for failed questions

The exercise will consist of creating user accounts (including public_html directories), starting apache and configuring a firewall and a nameserver.

The tutorial is open book. You can use any printed or on-line materials. Since you will know more precise instructions 2 days before the tutorial, you can prepare some code on a floppy or on your network drive, which you can copy and paste during the tutorial.

The use of mobile phones, text messaging, instant messaging and email will not be allowed during the tutorial.

What if you cannot attend the tutorial on 13.4.05?

Students who have mitigating circumstances which prevent them from attending the tutorial on 13.4.05, should submit the answers to the questions as a written report to the School Office by 16:00 on 22.4.05. The full questions will be available on the web on Wednesday. If your mitigating circumstances prevent you from checking the website on Wednesday, you can request to have the questions emailed to you. In any case, you should send an email to u.priss, if you have mitigating circumstances. If the mitigating circumstances are approved, the report will be marked out of 100%. Otherwise the mark will be capped at 40%.