CO32037 Coursework

For the coursework you are asked to build an on-line content exploration tool for the exercise materials of this module. You should download the web-pages with the weekly exercises from the module web page.

The coursework will be done in teamwork. Check here for some tips for your teamwork.

Components of your coursework

Your content exploration tool should consist of the following components:
  1. A search interface that allows a user to search for up to three words or phrases in the exercise pages. The user should have the options of searching
  2. A statistical information page which displays how many exercises, code examples and images are contained in each weekly page and for all pages together. Note that you cannot hard-code this information into your pages. Your tool must work for any web-site which follows exactly the same formatting style as the exercise pages.
  3. Your tool should be password protected. When the users first access your site, they register and choose a username and password. With that username and password, users can login to your site. A cookie should be set so that users need not login again if they return within 24 hours.
  4. An entertainment feature which allows users to take a break from their exercises and talk to a chatbot. (You need not write any difficult algorithms for this. There is a module available on CPAN which you can download, install and use for this.)
  5. A "credits page" which explains the contribution of each team member. If you used any resources for the development of your application other than the materials from the lecture notes and exercises in the practicals, you must list these sources. This includes any HTML, Javascript or Perl code which you may have downloaded from the web.
  6. A page with some on-line documentation, which includes two schematic diagrams of your application, describes in broad terms how your application works and contains a critical evaluation of the features and limits of your application. This documentation should be written in a technical style, similar to commercial product documentation. You should not post this page on the web before the deadline.

Documents to be handed in

At the final deadline you will be submitting
  • the URL of your application and
  • the names and matric numbers of your team members.

    In addition you will be handing in

  • a printout of the source code of your application (only the Perl/CGI code, not the HTML pages). On this printout you should highlight with a pen the security subroutine of your application and any other pieces of the code that implement security measures;
  • a printout of your on-line documentation.

    When you print your source code and documentation, please, avoid using too much paper. Use small fonts and print two pages per page (and/or use both sides). As long as the text is readable without a magnifying glass, it will be ok.

    Each team should only hand-in one copy of the code and documentation.

    Safeguarding your work

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your files are read-protected from others. You should not leave any printouts of your code on Campus, not even in the rubbish bins. You should make regular backup copies of your code, for example, by storing the files on a floppy via your I-drive.


    If you submit your coursework late (between 1 and 7 days after the deadline), the mark will be capped at 40%. After that your coursework will be marked as "fail".

    Normally, all team members will receive the same mark for the coursework. A student will receive a lower mark than the other team members in two cases: if the credits section of your coursework submission shows that this student did not contribute at all or only contributed minor details. Or if it is brought to the module leader's attention during the semester that a student repeatedly misses team meetings and does not respond to his/her email. (If a student has mitigating circumstances why she/he cannot attend meetings or respond to email, this student should contact the module leader as soon as possible.)

    Marking Scheme for the coursework

    You can reach a total of 50 points for the coursework. This is 50% of your final mark. The points will be distributed as follows:

    Search15 points
    Statistical Information Page8 points
    Chatbot4 points
    User login4 points
    Security8 points
    Usability of the site2 points
    Documentation8 points
    Credits page1 point