L401 Final Exam

Instructions: Turn your completed exam in by Wednesday, April 30, 1997, 12.00 pm. Put Parts II - IV into your lab instructor's mail box and send the url for Part I by email to your lab instructor.

The entire exam is worth 100 points.

1) Team work is not allowed for the exam. Although you may discuss problems related to the exam with other students and lab instructors, your exam must represent your own work.
2) Use a spell check for Part I and Part II.

Part I: Creating an HTML Page (50 points)

Create a properly formatted HTML page on one of the following topics.

a. A home page for one of your hobbies
b. A home page for a library
c. A home page for a business that you create

You need to include the following elements:

Make sure that your page is accessible through the web. Send an email message containing the url of your page to your lab instructor. Since the students in Gary only have limited access to a web server, they can send their pages as an email attachment to me (upriss@indiana.edu). Point breakdown:

25 points: Correctness of HTML
25 points: Inclusion of all of the elements above

Part II: Spreadsheet (15 points)

Person A, Person B, Person C, and Person D have a yearly income of $20,000/$35,000/$40,000 and $50,000, respectively. Enter these numbers, one row for each person, into a spreadsheet (Excel for Bloomington students, Lotus 1-2-3 for Gary students). In a fictitious country the federal tax is 10% and the state tax is 5%. Enter the state and federal taxes for the 4 people into the spreadsheet. Create a column for their net income (income minus taxes).

Label all rows and columns. Change everything into a nice format (eg. adjust the column width, if necessary. Print important figures, such as net incomes, or some labels in boldface. Add borders to the heading cells. Use a spell check. Etc.)

Create a box graph of the net incomes. Your graph should also be well-labeled.

Print the the spreadsheet and the graph and turn them in.

Point breakdown:

5 points: Content
5 points: Formating
5 points: Graph

Part III: Script Programming (15 points)

Modify the script from the assignment for Topic 12 so that it provides the following three options to the user:

1) Create a new directory called "subdir" under the directory in which the script is located and copy the script into "subdir".

2) Remove the script from "subdir" and then remove the directory "subdir". Alert the user that option 2) can only be executed after option 1) has been executed.

3) More the script.

Print your script and turn it in.

Point breakdown:

5 points for each option.

Part IV: Databases (20 points)

The following data contains information about houses for sale in a fictitious town. (The last two fields are the names and phone numbers of the realtors who sell the houses.)
333 4th Street; $80,000; 4 bedrooms; 1 study; 2 baths; Fancy Realtor; 333 4422;
222 5th Street; $70,000; 2 bedrooms; 1 bath; SuccessSearch; 332 3333;
111 Dewey Dr; $120,000; 3 bedrooms; 2 baths; Fancy Realtor; 333 4422;
100 University Rd; $100,000; 1 bedroom; 1 bath; Fancy Realtor; 333 4422;
200 Maple Dr; $100,000; 3 bedrooms; 1 bath; F. M. Schiebemueller; 334 1122;
Create a small database for the data and answer the following questions:
How many tables should be created for this application? (Give reasons for your answer.)
Which field(s) serve as primary keys?

Write an SQL statement that selects all houses with 1 bath.

Point breakdown:

10 points for the database.
5 points for answering the questions.
5 points for the SQL statement.