L401 Mid-term Exam

Instructions: Turn your completed exam in by the beginning of lecture class on Friday (February 28). If you cannot make it to lecture class, you must either e-mail your exam to your lab instructor or put it in their box before class on Friday.

The entire exam is worth 100 points.

Part I: World Wide Web (30 points)

For each of these items, you must find at least one resource that meets the criteria. Along with your answer, you must provide a brief (one or two sentence) description of how you got the result. Example: provide search engine and query terms that you used. Each of the questions in this section is worth 5 points, for a total of 30 for the section.

1. Find a server that allows you to download software which converts rtf files (rich text format) to html format.

2. Find a tutorial on the programming language Java.

3. Find a page that collects World Wide Web (WWW) and other Internet resources and categorizes them using the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.

4. Use the UCS Knowledge Base to find information on the safety of anonymous ftp.

5. Find a copy of the Communications Decency Act.

6. Find a directory of listserv, USENet newsgroups, and other discussion lists.

Part II: Word Processing and graphics (40 points)

1. Using WordPerfect either for Windows or for the Macintosh, write a one-page essay on graphics software. Discuss the differences between vector-based and bitmapped graphics software. Include one vector-based and one bitmapped picture in your WordPerfect document. Write down which software you used to create the two pictures. Go to the slis faculty homepage (http://www-slis.lib.indiana.edu/Faculty/) and download the red SLIS logo (as a jpg file). Include the SLIS logo in your WordPerfect document. Make sure that you use at least two fonts, boldface, and italics in the document. Create a header or footer identifying yourself and the title of your paper.

Point breakdown:

15 points: essay content
15 points: graphics
10 points: style (boldface, italics, footer, etc.) elements

Part III: UNIX (30 points)

Note that some of these questions may be based on fictitious files. Don't panic if you can't actually find them on ezinfo. Each of the first four questions is worth 5 points. The fifth question is worth 10 points.

1. Assume you are in your home directory on ezinfo. What command copies a file named dummy.txt that is located in /usr to the directory /tmp/dummyfiles? What command then renames the file to genius.txt?

2. Which commands are needed to unpack and unzip a file "zippy.tar.gz"? Which command is needed to show the content of the directory in which the files were unzipped?

3. What command changes the permission of a file called "permit.txt" so that all users (in the same group and others) can write to and read the file?

4. In the man pages find the option for the tar command that allows to list the files in a filename.tar file without unpacking the file.

5. Assume you are in your home directory on ezinfo. Which commands copy a file dummy.txt that is located in /usr on hamlet.ucs.indiana.edu to the directory /tmp/dummyfiles on ezinfo. What changes have to be made if the file genius.bin is to be copied?