Coursework Part 2

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This part of the coursework consists of writing a report. Some aspects of this coursework relate to the application built for coursework part 1 which is called "Part 1 Tool" from now on.

Sections of the report

The writing style of your report should be brief, factual and focusing on the technical details. The text of your report (without the XML file and DTD) should not be more than 5 pages if printed in 12pt font on A4 paper. Please, print on both sides of the paper if possible. Staple the report in the upper left corner. Please, do NOT use plastic folders.


Monday in Week 13, November 29, 15:00:

Plagiarism and Safeguarding your work

Although you are allowed to use existing sources on the web, you are NOT allowed to post questions relating to the coursework on the internet or use help from other people in any way. All sources used must be declared in the references section.

It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody else has access to your coursework. You should not leave any printouts of your work on Campus, not even in the rubbish bins.

Deadline Extensions

Module leaders are not allowed to give extensions. Losing your work because you didn't make backups etc is not a reason for extensions.

If you have mitigating circumstances, you should discuss this with your Programme Leader who might give you an extension. But extensions of more than 1 week are not accepted by the module leader, even if your Programme Leader signs this. If you have severe mitigating circumstances then you must go through the official mitigating circumstances process and submit your coursework at the resit diet.

Marking Scheme

If you submit your coursework late (up to 5 working days after the deadline), the mark will be capped at 40%. After that your coursework will be marked as "fail".

You can reach a total of 50 points for the coursework. This is 50% of your final mark. The points will be distributed as follows:

Section 15 points
Section 29 points
Section 310 points
Section 410 points
Section 510 points
Section 61 point
Format and style5 points

Learning Outcomes

This part of the coursework covers the Learning Outcomes (according to the Module Descriptor):