Coursework Demo Instructions - ☺

The coursework demonstration will be Wednesday, November 17. (Students who are ill or otherwise unavailable on that day can demonstrate one week later).

Part One

Part One of the demonstration will be done as a Peer Assessment. Students will be grouped into pairs. This will be done by the lecturer - students won't be grouped with their friends. Each pair of students will jointly evaluate their websites and fill in a Peer Assessment Form which will be distributed by the lecturer at the start of the session.

The Peer Assessment will focus on the basic features and will evaluate whether or not features have been implemented and run without errors. This is similar to showing a completed tool to a client and conducting a functional test.

After the Peer Assessment is finished, students should give the sheets to the lecturer and discuss any issues that arose (if they couldn't agree on the assessment) with the lecturer.

Part Two

The lecturer will look at the coursework.

a) Students whose coursework application is on a publicly available sever (for example the DCS/Socweb webserver):

The lecturer will look at the coursework in her own time later in the week. Students should include the URL of the coursework application in the email with the sourcecode and in addition write it on the Peer Assessment Form.

These students can leave after they have given their Peer Assessment Form to the lecturer.

b) Students whose coursework application is NOT on a publicly available sever:

The lecturer will look at the application after the Peer Assessments are finished.

These students will need to wait until their application has been checked by the lecturer.

Laptop users: please set the font of your browser reasonably large. I find it difficult to read tiny letters.