1 Unicode

The code points of Unicode characters can be looked up in the Unicode charts or in this Wikipedia page.


1.1 Determine what the characters look like which have the following Unicode code points (as decimal numbers):
U+9730, U+9731, U+9755, U+9836, U+9859.
Hints: insert them as numeric character references into an HTML document and look at them through your browser. Hexadecimal characters have an x before the number, decimal ones don't have an x.

1.2 Find Unicode characters for smiley faces, the pound sterling sign and the euro sign.
Hint: look them up in the name index of the Unicode charts.

1.3 Search for Kobenhavn and København on an internet search engine (e.g. Google). Do the two words produce different numbers of websites? What about searching for Cafe and Café?
Hint: copying and pasting the characters should work on most browsers.

1.4 Use a PHP or Perl script that you wrote in a previous tutorial. Test what happens when you copy and paste characters, such as ø or é into a textfield on such a script. Add some code that converts these characters from UTF-8 to numeric character references and back.