Instructions for database coursework demonstrations

The demonstrations will start in Week 10 and continue in Week 11.
Monday practical: we should be able to finish all demonstrations in Week 10.
Wednesday practical: we will start with demonstrations in Cluster 1 with PC number 1 and work our way up through Cluster 1, 2 and 3.

If you want to demonstrate in Week 10, please arrive on time and get a seat in Cluster 1, 2 or 3.

To prepare for the demonstration:

  1. Log into the Active SQL Tutorial System.
  2. Prepare your Unix drive and database:
    1. Map your Unix drive (i.e. your I-drive).
    2. SSH to DCS.
    3. Log in and start MySQL. Choose (use) your database.
    4. Execute your SQL file.
    5. Type the following commands (replace public_relations with the name of your public relations table)
      1. Show create table public_relations
      2. Describe public_relations
      3. Select * from public_relations
Keep the windows open until a lecturer has checked your results. While you are waiting you should use the time to work through the On-line Quiz or the optional relational algebra exercises on the module website as a preparation for the exam.