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July 12-15, 1999
Virginia Tech                                                      Blacksburg, Virginia

Advance Program

About the Conference

Conceptual structures provide a logically sound medium for knowledge representation and reasoning, and have been applied in natural language processing, information systems modeling, program specification, information retrieval, machine learning and case based reasoning.  The denotation of conceptual structures is called conceptual graphs which have been developed from the existential graphs of C. S. Peirce and semantic networks.  Conceptual graphs are bipartite, consisting of nodes which represent concepts and nodes which represent relations.  Each concept node is labeled with a type and may have a referent.  The concept types are organized in an is-a hierarchy.  Relation nodes are also typed.  Further information on conceptual structures and their denotation can be found at

The International Conference on Conceptual Structures is the annual conference and principal forum on the theory, application and implementation of conceptual structures.  ICCS’99 is the fourteenth annual meeting which begin in 1986 with a series of seven workshops.  The organizers and program committee of ICCS’99 are pleased to offer an excellent program selected from submissions by researchers in the growing international community.  For current information on ICCS’99, please see our web page

The ICCS proceedings are published in the Springer-Verlag Series: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence.

MONDAY, July 12

8:00a.m  Registration

9:00a.m Welcoming Remarks

CG Modeling
9:30a.m Constraints on Processes: Essential Elements for the Validation and
    Execution of Processes, Guy Mineau
10:00a.m User Modeling as an Application of Actors, Ani Nenkova, Galia Angelova
10:30a.m Break
11:00a.m Spatial Universals as the Human Spatial Notion, Jane Brennan
11:30a.m Knowledge Engineering with Semantic and Transfer Links
    Karima Messadia, Mourad Ossalah

12:00noon  Lunch Break

Natural Language Understanding and Document Processing
1:00p.m A Peircean Framework of Syntactic Structure, J.Farkas, J.Sarbo
1:30p.m. A Cg-Based Behavior Extraction System, Jeff Hess, Walling Cyre
2:00p.m Extending the Conceptual Graph Approach to Represent Evaluative Attitudes
    in Discourse, Bernard Moulin, Hengameh Irandoust
2:30p.m Break
3:00p.m Implementing a Semantic Lexicon, Sait Dogru, James Slagle
3:30p.m Analysis of Task-Oriented Conversations Using a Conceptual Graph Approach,
    Bernard Moulin, Mohamed Gouiaa, Sylvain Delisle
4:00p.m Using Conceptual Graphs as a Common Representation for Data and Configuration
    in an Active Image Processing System, J. Racky, M. Pandit

4:30p.m Panel Discussion: Document Retrieval and Understanding Language

6:00p.m. Reception

TUESDAY, July 13

9:00a.m Registration

9:30a.m  Invited Speaker        John Sowa

10:30a.m Break

Applications I
11:00a.m  A Software System for Learning Peircean Graphs
    Torben Brauner, Claus Donner, And Peter Ohrstrom
11:30a.m. A Conceptual Graph Activation-Based Language: Synergy Language
    and Its Environment, Adil Kabbaj

12:00noon Lunch Break

Applications II
1:00p.m.  On Developing Case-Based Tutorial Systems with Conceptual Graphs,
    P.W.Fung, R.H.Kemp
1:30p.m.  Embedding Knowledge in Web Documents: CGs versus XML-Based Metadata
    Philippe Martin, Peter Eklund
2:00p.m.  Synergy as an Hybrid Object-Oriented Conceptual Graph Language
    Adil Kabbaj
2:30p.m.  Break
3:00p.m.  NOTIO-A Java API for Developing CG Tools, Finnegan Southey, James Linders

System Demonstrations
3:30p.m.  Demo Presentations
4:00p.m.  Demonstrations

6:00p.m. Banquet


            Special Track: Sisyphus Initiative
9:00a.m.  Introduction, G. Mineau, D. Lukose
9:10a.m.    A Pure Graph-Based Solution to the SCG-1 Initiative,
                J.F. Baget, D. Genest, M.L. Mugnier
9:35a.m.    Constraints and Goals under the Conceptual Graph Formalism:
                One Way to Solve the SCG-1 Problem, G. Mineau
10:00a.m.    Break
10:30a.m.    WebKB and the Sisyphus-I Problem, P. Martin, P. Eklund
10:55a.m.    Using Conceptual Graphs to Solve a Resource Allocation Task,
                S. Damianova, K. Toutanova
11:20a.m.    Multiperspective Analysis of the Sisyphus-I Room Allocation Task
                Modelled in a CG Meta-Representation Language, T. Thanitsukkarn, A. Finkelsein
11:45a.m.    Discussion

12:00noon Lunch Break

Contexts, Logic and Conceptual Graphs  I
1:00p.m. Contextual Attribute Logic, Berhard Ganter, Rudolf Wille
1:30p.m. Algorithms for Creating Relational Power Context Families from Conceptual Graphs,
    Bernd Groh, Peter Eklund
2:00p.m. The Lattice of Concept Graphs of a Relationally Scaled Context
    Susanne Prediger, Rudolf Wille
2:30p.m. Break
3:00p.m. Contexts in Information Development, Ryszard Raban, Brian Garner
3:30p.m. Conceptual Structures Represented by Conceptual Graphs and Formal Concept Analysis
    Guy Mineau, Gerd Stumme, Rudolf Wille

4:00p.m. Position Papers


Contexts, Logic and Conceptual Graphs  II
9:00a.m. A Simulation Of Co-Identity with Rules in Simple and Nested Graphs,
    Jean-Francois Baget
9:30a.m. Conceptual Graphs as Algebras – with an Application to Analogical Reasoning,
    Torben Brauner, Jorgen Fischer Nilsson, Anne Rasmussen
10:00a.m. Unification over Constraints in Conceptual Structures, Dan Corbett
10:30a.m. Break
11:00a.m. Tractable and Decidable Fragments of Conceptual Graphs,
    F.Baader, R.Molitor, S.Tobies
11:30a.m. Dynamic Semantics for Conceptual Graphs, Gwen Kerdiles

12:00noon General Meeting and Closing