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8th International Conference on Conceptual Structures

The International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS) is the annual conference and principal research forum in the theory and practice of conceptual structures. Previous ICCS conferences have been held at the Universite Laval (Quebec City, 1993), the University of Maryland (1994), the University of California (Santa Cruz, 1995), Sydney (1996), the University of Washington (Seattle, 1997), Montpellier (1998), and at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, 1999). The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer Verlag. ICCS 2000 will precede DL 2000 (Aachen, August 17-19), KRDB 2000 (Berlin, August 21-22), and ECAI 2000 (Berlin, August 20-25).

Papers are invited on the following topics: conceptual structures (application and experience); case studies using conceptual structures; conceptual analysis; natural language processing; conceptual ontology; knowledge discovery and acquisition; conceptual structures theory; modeling and visualization with conceptual structures; and related topics. Comparisons with other representations on the basis of expressiveness, ease of use, computational performance, or reasoning simplicity are welcome. In order to widen the scope of the ICCS conference series, ICCS 2000 also provides a special track `Conceptual Ontology Engineering'.

Authors are invited to submit papers describing both theoretical and practical research involving conceptual structures. Papers accepted or under review by other conferences or journals are not acceptable as submissions.

Invited Speakers

Sixteen speakers have been invited to address topics in the scope of the following themes:

  • Philosophical and Linguistic Issues of Conceptual Structures
    Keith Devlin (Stanford) & Gisela Harras (Mannheim)
  • Logic and Language
    Jacqueline Brunning (Toronto) & Hans Kamp (Stuttgart)
  • Conceptual Ontologies
    Fritz Lehmann (Austin) & John Sowa (New York)
  • Nested Conceptual Graphs
    Marie-Laure Mugnier (Montpellier) & Susanne Prediger (Darmstadt)
  • Applications of Conceptual Graphs
    Michel Chein (Montpellier) & Guy Mineau (Quebec)
  • Computing Conceptual Structures
    Bernhard Ganter (Dresden) & Robert Levinson (Santa Cruz)/Gerard Ellis (Sydney)
  • Conceptual Modeling
    Alex Borgida (New Brunswick) & Deborah McGuinness (Stanford)
  • Logic-Based Networks
    Peter Eklund (Gold Coast) & Stuart Shapiro (Buffalo)

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