1 Using Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) software

Download the file friendsAndCars.csv file and save it on your I:-drive. (This is the same file as used in the statistics exercises).

Convert the csv file into an FCA format using:

/home/staff/cs170/fcastone friendsAndCars.csv friendsAndCars.cxt

If that does not work, save the file from here as fcastone in your current directory and run

perl fcastone friendsAndCars.csv friendsAndCars.cxt
in that directory.

(If you are not using Socweb, you would need to download the FcaStone software from http://fcastone.sourceforge.net/. Unzip the file; find the file called fcastone; change its permissions to executable using chmod 755 fcastone).

Download ConExp from here. Double click the file to unzip it. Then go into the folder and double click on the conexp.bat file (or the conexp.jar file depending on your settings).

Once ConExp is running:

You can save all of the data by clicking "Save File" (in the top bar) or save/export the lattice to a png or jpg file by clicking on "save lattice image" just to the right of the image.

2 More exercises using Conexp

Enter the context of the animals from the lecture (Garfield, Socks, ...). It is probably best to first delete the objects and attributes that you don't need (by highlighting and right clicking).

After you entered the data, its probably a good idea to save the file. (Be careful NOT to click the "open new file" button at this point because that would delete your data.)

Go back to the Context Editor and add a new object called "Daisy" and give her the attributes "cartoon" and "tortoise". Click on "Build lattice" and see if you can arrange the messy diagram in a more readable fashion.