PHP Intro

Dr. Uta Priss


Coursework Part 2
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Weekly Topics

Nr Topics Practicals Resources Readings
1 Introduction to Server-Side Web Languages
SSWL Applications and Languages
basics, Unix tips
HTML Intro,
HTML Cheatsheet
Prechelt: An empirical comparison ... (Pdf)
IEEE Computer 33(10):23-29, 2000.
Gousios: A comparison ... SANE 2002.
2 Web Forms
HTTP protocol and Web Crawlers
forms, answers HTML Forms,  
3 Environment, Security
security, answers
More exercises
  WWW Security FAQ
Environment Variables
4 Maintaining State, Cookies
sessions, answers,
Javacsript+AJAX, answers
You may need Firefox for the AJAX exercises.  
5 Mysql, Web 2.0 mysql

Advanced exercises (for students who already know PHP):
Server-side graphics, Regular expressions, Web services.

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