Welcome to Server-Side Web Languages!

This first tutorial serves as a preparation. It allows you to check whether you have all the prerequisite knowledge you need for this module and whether your computer account is working. If you find that you are lacking some prerequisite knowledge, please, use this week and next week to catch up. If there are any problems with your Napier computer account, please, contact C&IT as soon as possible.

Decide which programming language you want to use

You can use any programming language of your choice, but only PHP and Perl will be supported by the lecturer.

For Perl: there are three exercise pages on the module website which introduce the language from the beginning. If you don't know Perl but you would like to use it for this class, you should use today (and probably next week) to work through the exercise pages. You don't need to do all of the exercises given on the pages. Just try to get an overview of how Perl works. The exercise pages are called "Basic Operators, Logic and Control Structures, Arrays" and are on the module website.

For PHP: there is no introduction for PHP included in this module. If you want to use PHP but don't know how, please, use today (and probably next week) to look at an on-line PHP introduction of your choice. In particular, you should look at how PHP treats strings, control structures (if, while, for) and arrays. Also, have a look at the exercises below.

Check your computer account

Please, login to the account you want to use for server-side programming. and check the following: If you are using the School of Computing server, please, have a look at the Unix/telnet help.

Check your programming skills

Below are a few exercises, which help you to get back into programming in case you haven't done it for a while. If you are using Perl, you can do these on the command-line. If you are using PHP, you need to create a simple HTML form page for the user input (see the first exercise). If you are having problems with any of these:
For Perl: have a look at the exercises for "Basic Operators, Logic and Control Structures, Arrays" on the module website.
For PHP: have a look at the PHP manual. The manual contains sample scripts. If you search for "arithmetic operators", "control structures", "array" and "file" you will probably find everything you need.
For HTML: have a look at the links for "HTML Intro, HTML Tags, HTML Forms" on the module website.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this module, please, ask Uta Priss (the module leader). But, please, be patient. The first tutorial can be hectic, especially if it is on a Monday because there are often problems with students' accounts on the very first day of the semester.