CO32034 Server Administration, Spring 2005

Lecturer: Dr. Uta Priss, Dr. Gordon Russell

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Note: Gordon has made some changes to some of the tutorials and the linuxzoo website. None of the changes should be a problem, but just in case, this page has links to the old versions.

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Please attend the 10:00 am tutorial (JKCC 9 and JKCC 10)
This close to the end of the semester, afternoon tutorials in the JKCC tend to be disrupted by the general high levels of noise and activity by students from other modules. In the morning, the JKCC is much more quiet. Therefore, I recommend that students from the afternoon tutorial attend the one in the morning instead - as long as seats are available. This tutorial is right after the lecture in clusters 9 and 10.

Teaching Plan

Week NoLecture TopicsTutorial Topics
1 Introduction, Essential Unix (ppt) Unix tutorial 1, Linuxzoo: Essential Unix
2 Kernel, Partitions, booting (ppt), Services and Signals (ppt) Unix tutorial 2, Linuxzoo: Essential Admin
3 Networking (ppt), Firewall with iptables (ppt) Linuxzoo: Networks and Firewalls
4 Managing Users (ppt), Hacking (ppt) Linuxzoo: Fixing User Problems, optional exercises
5 DNS Service (ppt) Linuxzoo: The NAMED Service
6 Essential Apache (ppt) Linuxzoo: Apache Basic Authentication, optional exercises
7 mod_rewrite (ppt), Diagnosis Methods (ppt) Linuxzoo: Essential Apache
8 email server (ppt) Coursework
9 Reading Week
10 Essential MySQL (ppt) Linuxzoo: Administration of MySQL
11 Non-Linux OS: OSX Sample Exam Questions (Note: the exam is not multiple choice, but short answer questions. But the type of questions are quite similar.)
12 MySQL Replication (ppt) Linuxzoo: MySQL Backups and Replication