CO32037: Server Side Web Languages

Module descriptor

  • Level: 3
  • Taught in: semester 1
  • Credits: 15.00
  • Hours: 150
  • Indicative Student Workload:

    Lecture 12 
    Practical 24 
    Supervised Assessment 2 
    Student Centred Learning 112 


  • CO22007 Web Development (or equivalent)

    Aims of Module

    Develop an understanding of the theoretical and practical basics of web-based server-side programming using scripting languages.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this module, the student will:
  • Have an understanding of server-side web-based programming and the CGI environment.
  • Have knowledge of several web-based scripting languages, their advantages and disadvantages, and detailed knowledge of one specific web-based scripting language.
  • Have an understanding of searching and pattern matching using regular expressions.
  • Be able to implement a small web-based server-side application.
  • Be able to critically assess the nature and substance of current research and developments in this field.

    Description of Module Content

  • Basics of web-based scripting languages: operators, expressions, data-structures and program design.
  • Short introduction to languages, such as Perl, Php, ASP.
  • CGI basics. Processing of HTML forms.
  • Regular expressions for input parsing, searching and CGI security.
  • CGI environment variables and cookies.
  • DBI basics: connecting webpages to a database
  • Retrieval of remote webpages.
  • Overview of typical web-based server-side applications: search tools, on-line greeting card services, database front-ends, on-line shopping carts and library access tools.


    Formal Examination:Yes. 2 hours.

    LTA Approach: This module will be taught using weekly lectures and tutorials. During the tutorials the students will write short scripts based on on-line exercises and materials. The course-work consists of developing a small web-based server-side application. Theoretical issues will be assessed in the final exam.

    Indicative References:
    - Elizabeth Castro's "Perl and Cgi for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide", Addison-Wesley, 1998.
    - on-line materials


    50% Supervised Assessment
    50% Continuous Assessment
    0% Supervised Re Assessment
    0% Continuous Re Assessment