CO32037 Past Papers

  • Exam 1 (multiple choice questions + essay questions)
  • Exam 2 (essay questions)
  • Exam 3 (short answer questions + essay questions)
  • Exam 4 (short answer questions + essay questions)
  • User Questions

    Answers for the multiple choice questions of Exam 1, the short answer questions of Exam 3 and 4 and the User Questions

    Please, note that past papers may have a different format from the current exam. The current exam/resit exam consists of 20 short answer questions. 10 of these questions will be User Questions that have been posed by real users in internet forums (see the User Questions link above).

    Although some Perl code may be shown in the exam questions, you should be able to answer the questions even if you have only PHP knowledge because the questions will not depend on specific Perl syntax. Thus there will NOT be any questions like the first one in the 2003/4 Exam 1.

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