School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University
Summer II 1998

L595 Advanced Unix Workshop

June 20 and 27

Instructor: Uta Priss
Office: 022 SLIS
Office phone: 812-855-2793
Office hours:


Unix used to be the most popular and influential operating system for large applications and multiple users. Although it competes nowadays with Windows NT, which have Unix-like multi-tasking and multi-user features, Unix is still widely used in academic and research environments. This workshop will introduce some more advanced Unix skills and concepts, such as the vi editor, shell scripting, and basic system administration and security.


Basic Unix skills (as taught in SLIS L401 or similar class). Students must have a Unix account on the nations Unix cluster.

Course Objectives

This course teaches the students some of the more advanced Unix skills and concepts, such as

Required Textbook

Stan Kelly-Boothe: Understanding Unix, SYBEX, 1994. ISBN 0-7821-1499-7.

Requirements and Grading

The final course grade will be computed for each student on the basis of grades assigned for the following:

Assignment 1/2
Final Exam 1/2

Attendance of all sections is required!
The assignment and final exam will be handed out during the last class session and are due one week after the last session.
Team work is not acceptable for the assignment or the final exam.
Each student is expected to complete all course work by the end of the term. A grade of incomplete (I) will be assigned only if exceptional circumstances warrant.

Class Schedule

Session: 1. Files, Processes and Users

  • Unix commands for files, users and processes


    Readings: Understanding Unix Chapter 9, 14, 19

    Session: 2. Editing and Regular Expressions

  • Vi
  • Searching regular expressions


    Readings: Understanding Unix Chapter (8), 11, 12, 15

    Session: 3. Shell Scripts

  • Shells
  • User login scripts
  • Simple script menus


    Readings: Understanding Unix Chapter 6, 13, 16

    Session: 4. Basic System Administration and Security

  • Creating user accounts
  • Back-ups
  • Security


    Readings: Understanding Unix Chapter 18

    Assignment and final exam handed out. They are due Monday July 6th, 12.00pm.