Short Answer Questions

(Write 1-2 Sentences when answering each question.)

1) HTML and CSS

What is the HTML tag for the largest heading?

2) W3C, Web 2.0 and CMS

Provide an example of how information from apache log files can be used to optimise a website.

Provide an example of a W3C standard and of a web programming-related standard which is not governed by the W3C.

4) HTTP Protocol and Server-Side Basics

Does the HTTP method DELETE have any use?

Which part of the first line of an HTTP response (HTTP/1.1 200 OK) is not standardised? Explain your answer.

Does the HTTP_REFERER always correctly identify the website that referred a user to the current page? Explain your answer.

5) Regular Expressions

Write a regular expression for a sentence containing 5 words.

6) Web Graphics

What is the difference between vector graphics, graphs and raster graphics.

7) XML

Is HTML an example of XML? Explain your answer.

9) Web Security

Which programming language causes the most security risks on the web?

10) AJAX

Does AJAX pose accessibility problems? If yes, provide some examples.

11) Unicode, XSL and HTML5

Can HTML5 be used by the secret service to track criminals operating on the Hidden Web/Dark Web?