• Do I have to use MoWeS and where can I install it from?
    You don't need to use it. It is mentioned in this class because MoWeS is installed on the PCs in the lab. If you are using your own PC, I would not recommend MoWeS. (The company who used to make it no longer exists, but you can still find it on the web if you search for "MoWeS Portable download".) On a PC I would recommend using a Windows-based solution stack such as WAMP, WIMP or XAMPP. On a Mac, the webserver is already installed, you just need to start it. On a Linux computer, you should search the web for "installing LAMP".
  • My PHP page is completely empty when viewed through the browser
    This means that either you have a syntax error or there is something wrong with permissions. In order to see syntax errors you should edit your php.ini file (which should be in a php directory on your webserver). You should set display_errors to on and error_reporting to E_ALL. You need to stop and start your webserver after you made these changes. If permissions are ok and there are no syntax errors, do "View page source".
  • What if "View page source" shows the <?php ...> tags
    This means that the webserver has not executed your PHP code. You need to type a URL into your browser which points to your webserver (e.g. localhost or If you just click on an html file it will open without being executed by the browser.

    About the exam

  • Can I sit the exam in German?
  • Am I allowed to take hand-written notes to the exam?
  • What will the exam be like?
    There will be some short-answer questions about the topics of the class. (The questions will be similar in style to the LON-CAPA questions but not in multiple choice format.) There will also be one or two longer questions about the coursework.
  • Do I have to memorise the syntax of PHP, XML, regular expressions, etc?
    You will not be required to memorise specific syntactic details. You need to know these languages in as much as can be expected after having done the exercises provided in this class.