CO32037 Server Side Web Languages, Semester 1, 2007

Lecturer: Dr. Uta Priss


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Module Structure
Tutorial Notes
Lecture Notes
When is the exam?
Coursework and Exam FAQ
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Revision Questions
Resit coursework Fun:
The dangers of PHP

General Resources

For Perl: Perl Overview
Chapter 1 from "Learning Perl"
On-line Perl book
Printed: Elizabeth Castro's "Perl and Cgi for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide", Addison-Wesley.

For PHP: manual

Prerequisite Knowledge

You should have some prerequisite knowledge of programming and HTML in order to take this class.
Perl: Basic Operators, Logic and Control Structures, Arrays,
HTML: HTML Intro, HTML Tags, HTML Forms,

Weekly Schedule:

Week Topics Practicals Resources Readings
1 Introduction to Perl (pdf)
SSWL Applications and Languages (pdf)
Introduction Help: Unix, remote access, PHP on PC Prechelt: An empirical comparison ... (Pdf)
IEEE Computer 33(10):23-29, 2000.
Gousios: A comparison ... SANE 2002.
2 CGI/Web Forms, Greeting Cards (pdf) Perl 1, PHP 1,
3 Regular Expressions (pdf) Perl 2, PHP 2, Basic RE syntax Optional: Wikipedia entry for regular expressions
4 Environment, Security (pdf) Perl 3, PHP 3   WWW Security FAQ,
Environment Variables
5 Maintaining State, Cookies (pdf) Perl 4, PHP 4 Perl:  
6 Libraries, Mysql, Graphics (pdf) Perl 5;
Perl: CPAN
7 HTTP protocol, Web Crawlers (pdf) Perl 6    
8 Applications: Search Engines (pdf),
Login and Registration (pdf)
Coursework   Search Tools
Shopping Carts
9 Reading Week No supervised tutorials. Use the time to catch up or to finish the coursework.
10 Security continued (pdf) Coursework
11 Information Architecture (pdf) Coursework demonstrations  
12 Revision, Exam Preparation Optional: Perl Objects,

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